FutureCeuticals NuTrimOTM Soluble Hydrocolloid Oat Beta-Glucan Soluble Fiber USDA Patent #6,060,519 A superior natural form of GMO free organic Oat and Barley Beta-Glucan Soluble Fiber to: 1. Act as a healthy fat replacer in foods- replacing dairy creams, oils, butter, coconut cream at high replacement levels with minimal sensory change. Excessive consumption of saturated and trans fats can contribute to elevated blood cholesterol levels. People with high blood cholesterol levels are considered to be at elevated risk of heart disease. The FDA has recognized the importance of oat soluble fiber, specifically called beta-glucan, by allowing health claims on food labels. Nutrim is a highly efficacious low molecular weight Beta-Glucan ingredient acting as a hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic ingredient or nutritional supplement. This patented ingredient and important nutritional technology has been shown to: 1. Lower blood cholesterol. 2. Lower the glycemic index of foods consumed. 3. Lower plasma glucose and insulin response in NIDDM. 4. Provide a economical source of highly bio-active Beta-Glucans 5. Help meet FDA suggested oat soluble fiber health claim levels. USDA Creates Body-Friendly Fat Substitute The Agricultural Research Service of the USDA has created a new dietary fat substitute that some scientists say may be good for the heart. Introduced at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Boston, the new ingredients, to be marketed as "Nutrim," contains high concentrations of beta-glucans. These are soluble fibers found in oat and barley that are known to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol and total cholesterol factors which have been linked to heart disease. Nutrim is designed to meet FDA requirements for food products that can be advertised as good for the heart, according to chemist George Inglett, PH.D. of the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Peoria, IL who created the product. "I originally set out to make oat bran more widely available in food products," says Inglett. "Although the Federal Register recognizes that oat bran and oat flour contribute to heart-healthy food, you have to get 3 g of beta-glucan a day to meet that requirement. I think there are few people who could consume that much in a day." Genesis of a Fat Substitute Inglett has worked on oat and barley based fat substitutes for the past 10 years and has developed two previous ingredients, Oatrim and Z-Trim. Currently, Oatrim enjoys wide use in the food industry while Z-Trim is in the process of being licensed. Neither of these ingredients, however, qualifies for a "heart healthy" label. "Oatrim is an enzyme hydrolyzed oat flour, "says Inglett." "Nutrim is made from a non-hydrolyzing process that uses thermal- mechanical shear." This process first "explodes" the cells of the oat endosperm in order to break it up to the point where it becomes flowable. Once this is achieved, centrifugation can remove the oat's cellulosic components. "These are the components that limit the use of the oat bran," says Inglett. "They make products spongy and gritty and non- cohesive." After the cellulosic material is gone, the remaining material is either drum-dried or freeze-dried to a free flowing powder. Calorie Comparison 100 gm of Oil Replaced with 10 gm of Nutrim Mixed into 90 gm of Water Oil 900 Calories Nutrim < 40 Calories Nutrim primary benefit, however, is that it could help to transform treats like cookies, cakes and creamy desserts into low- calorie, high-fiber foods, according to Inglett. Who developed Nutrim? Nutrim was developed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) by Dr. George Inglett from the Center for Agricultural Utilization and Research. Why do we need it? Dietary fibers from cereal grains can contribute health benefits for many people. In the USA American eating habits can and are being drastically changed to improve the quality and quantity of life by diet modification based on existing knowledge of nutrition. Excessive consumption of saturated and trans-saturated fats contributes to elevated blood cholesterol levels. People with high blood cholesterol levels are considered to be at risk of heart disease. Oats have been recognized to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels since as early as 1963. A recent analysis of several studies has shown the consistent efficacy of oats as a hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic agent in humans. The FDA has recently recognized the importance of oat soluble fiber called beta-glucan by allowing health claims on foods containing oat beta-glucans. Nutrim offers a highly functional and efficacious way to incorporate the healthy benefits of oat beta- glucan into foods and supplements. Functionally Nutrim acts as a fat replacer replacing fat with healthy beta-glucans. Nutrim is a new family of very bland hydrocolloids consisting of solubilized beta-glucan from oat or barley endosperm with greatly lowered cellulosic components. During the patented hydrocolloid process the beta-glucan in Nutrim is freed in a very unique way to provide a highly efficacious product from both a cholesterol lowering and glycemic index-lowering standpoint. What is a hydrocolloid? Plant fiber is chemically divided into two fractions: 1- The hydrocolloid fraction that absorbs water to form soluble gels. 2- The insoluble or crude portion that does not absorb water. Hydrocolloids are often used as texturing agents, hydro gels, rheology modifiers, stabilizers, suspending agents, thickeners, fiber sources, mouth feel improvers, fat replacers, gelling agents, and processing aids. While flavor and color might have more visibility and glamour, it is often hydrocolloid texturizers that provide the, smoothness, pourability, and mouth feel characteristics critical to formulations. What do I need to know about Dietary Fiber Dietary Fiber has been an important food component since early times. Diets containing significant amounts of dietary fiber are known to assist in the digestive process. Dietary fiber, especially that from beta-glucans has a role in the prevention of certain large intestine diseases including cancer of the colon and divertculitis. Serum cholesterol rises when dietary fiber is removed from the diet and eating a fiber rich diet lowers serum cholesterol. The structure type of the beta-glucans in Nutrim is mixed linked 1-3 and 1-4 beta-glucans.