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North Shore Music Food & Movement Festival MORNING PROGRAM Join us July 28th @ The North Shore Country Market North Shore Country Market @ 59-360- Kamehameha Hwy From 8:00 am to 2:00 pm AFTERNOON PROGRAM to be announced From 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm join us at the Surf N Sea 62-595 Kamehameha Hwy MORNING PROGRAM MUSIC: Jerome James, Activate Electro Jazz with DJ emuin, Millicent Cummings, Brian Von Ahsen, Jungle Rocket, AKA DJ’s Gabi, Joni & More….. TASTE OF THE NORTHSHORE FOOD: Cholos Homestyle Food Truck, Wabi Sabi Food Truck,  Seaside Galley Food Truck, Country Catering, Mohala Farms, Kolea Farms, Opa Dogs chefpeters.com,  wow wow waffles   wowwowwaffle.com & more……. MOVEMENT:  Erica B Ashtanga, Mara Vinyasa, Bobbie  Kundalini, Zach Ashtanga PETTING ZOO: Bounce House, Pottery Making, Films, On Stage 1   8:30 am Music Sharon Kuntz                                09:00 am Millicent Cummings      Dj Gabi Brian Von Ahsen 10:00 am Millicent Cummings                           11:00 am jungle Rocket AKA Dj Joni Jerome James Activate Electro Jazz Chuck James Quintet On Stage 2 Times to be announced Jerome James Activate Electro Jazz Chuck James Quintet Yoga Forest                          09:00 am Zach Ashtanga 10:00 am Millicent Cummings   11:00 am Erica Burt Ashtanga                12:00 pm Erica Jago 01:00 pm Bikram Basics with Vicki  Information  Portal 11:30 am  U.H. Professor George Kent speaks about food security issues in Hawaii 12:00 pm  Argosy University Professor Ken Rasti speaks on spirituality and business 01:00 pm   Hawaii Mara Vinyasa  Auntie Kawehi* Traditional Awa ceremony Brian Von Ahsen 1pm-2pm @ The Farmers Market      North Shore, Music, Food, Movement, Festival, Movement Festival, July 28th 2012,  North Shore Yoga, Live Bands, Live Music, Organic Foods, Food Festival, Cooking, Cooking Demo, Cholos, Seaside Galley, Mohala Farms, Kolea Farms, Cab Spates, Music, Food Yoga, Art and Sustainability Festival Free to the Public Donation Accepted
Hula Hoop Troupe will be giving hooping lessons 8:30,10:30,12:30