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Chef Peter Gehrmann


Food makes Life Worth Living”

My culinary journey started with my cook apprenticeship in Germany, my key to see the world, working in 12 different countries acquiring a universal gourmet skill.

From the simple Swiss Roesti to the Pate de patte d’ours sauvage “Wild Bear Paw Pate” served 1975 in Hong Kong at a dinner party for 700 persons.
I had the privileges to cook on the holly cook shrine, the stove of Auguste Escoffier, the father of the modern cuisine, where hi tried his recipes at the Savoy Hotel, London. We served for the Queen a 120 persons dinner on gold dishes. Never have I ever seen Police with Machine Guns guarding a dish washing machine.

In 1972 in Singapore, at the Mandarin Hotel Chatterbox, I introduce, a dish which is a standard in every coffee shop in the Far East, and still today over 2-million-dollar worth of Ginger Chicken are sold every year at the Chatterbox.
Based on the popularity, the owner Mr.
Stephen Hung, of “The 13” the most luxury Hotel in the world, presently build the Macau, hi invited me to cook the Ginger Chicken, at the gala opening, and to be served on hand carved Bohemian Crystal.

In the old days, before the dot com age, American served a very weak blond roasted coffee.
Arriving 1979 to Hawaii, I introduced strong roasted Hawaiian Coffee, as the Executive Chef of The Hyatt Waikiki, to America. I Started a gastronomic revolution. You may know Lions Coffee, Jim the original owner, on my request he roasted Hawaiian coffee according to Wiener Style, less dark than espresso.
To Day no one would except the brawn water called coffee in the seventies.


Change the Menu and Change the World


As an Executive Chef I have made twice Gastronomic History

  1. Introduced the Ginger Chicken at The Chatterbox Mandarin Hotel Singapore in 1972, over 50 Million Dollar worth of this dish has been sold at the Chatterbox ever since and it became a standard feature in all restaurants in the Far East.
  2. As the Executive Chef at the Hyatt Waikiki, I introduced, with the help of Jim owner of Lions Coffee Hawaii, a strong roasted Hawaiian Coffee, replacing the week coffee brew as it was popular on those days in America. The Hyatt Chain introduces the Hawaiian Coffee as a standard throughout the chain and so changed the Coffee taste of America and lead to the foundation of Starbucks.
  3. Fourward to 2017
    I devoting my time and effort to change the eating habit of the world.
    A: Considering World Hunger 795 million people – or one in nine people in the world – do not have enough to eat.
    B: One acre produces 3000 pound of grain, but 45,000 pound of Tapioca, 14 times more food for the starving people, by just changing the eating habits.

C: My goal is to develop recipes based on Tapioca so far I successfully made made.

  • Tortillas,
  • Crepes,
  • Waffles,
  • Muffins,
  • Crackers,
  • Oblaten (sweet tender crisps thin Waffle)

Change of Eating Habid

Once before, the introduction of the Potato (5 times harvest yield over grain) saved Europe.

The Roman Empire imported Taro Roots from Egyptian, root: taro, turnips, tapioca, was and still is the savior of the human race.

Chef Peter Gehrmann Waianae, Hawaii 07/12/17

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