Homemade waffle sandwiches topped with your homemade cold cuts made for pennies

I don’t believe in magic, but I believe in sliced cold cuts, sausage and breakfast patties. Grind cheap, less popular meat, chicken, pork, season the heck out of it, pack it into a pound cake mold or tube, and voilà—links way more delicious and versatile than the sum of their parts I learned that once you master the fundamentals, using Chef Peters you can make almost any sausage, from this spicy Italian to an unexpectedly awesome lamb masala to whatever meat-and-seasoning combo you dream up. Most important no hazard chemicals are used.

We’ve all been there. You bring home (or make your own!) tasty-looking sausages, fire up the grill, and throw those puppies on. As they start to sizzle, anticipation grows. You imagine those hot links nestled in a soft bun, topped with spicy mustard, maybe crowned with some crunchy, tangy ‘kraut. And while this fantasy plays out so vividly in your mind, it all goes wrong.

The sausages start to burst. The juices leak out, dripping on to the coals, eliciting bursts of flames that threaten to incinerate your dinner. You pull the charred sausages, only to find that they’re still pink and squishy on the inside. Or cooked through but dried out. Or, somehow, inexplicably, both.